Case Study

Jinan high-speed rail railroad crossing monitoring project

Analog Speed Dome Camera GCS980 Series

Global CCTV Security Co.,Ltd, Jinan purple plot monitoring the success of high-speed rail railroad crossing acceptance, high-speed rail project selection multispectral laser thermal imaging equipment, laser must purchase no exposure of 940nm red laser to avoid signal interference caused by exposure to red, to influence the judgment […]

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Oilfield of ShanDong Explosion-proof


Appropriate Explosion-proof products are widely used in the oil field. Product Explosion-proof PTZ  

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Police surveillance


Global CCTV Security Co.,ltd launch of the public security system solutions online inspectors, relying on public security information network, utilization of voice, video surveillance, and various types of business information systems inspectors carry out online applications can enhance the effectiveness of the police inspector, police work and […]

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