Jinan high-speed rail railroad crossing monitoring project


Global CCTV Security Co.,Ltd, Jinan purple plot monitoring the success of high-speed rail railroad crossing acceptance, high-speed rail project selection multispectral laser thermal imaging equipment, laser must purchase no exposure of 940nm red laser to avoid signal interference caused by exposure to red, to influence the judgment of the staff.
Global CCTV Security Co.,Ltd dedicated high-end security monitoring and special environmental requirements needed for industry solutions and system design, development and manufacture of proprietary laser night vision, infrared thermal imaging, multi-sensor integrated monitoring products, is a based on optics and information technology, scientific research, design, production, sales and system integration of high-tech enterprises. The main business is to provide forest fire monitoring, smart city, aerial lookout, monitoring waterways, islands uninhabited islands, border and coastal defense, surveillance and other high-speed rail traffic monitoring solution, involving intelligent security monitoring products, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and new energy multi-series products.

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