PTZ Positioning System

PTZ Positioning System

Heavy high speed integrated PTZ Positioning System,Benefits
LJ-PT001 Series gives you many benefits compared to PTZ dome cameras. You have the ability to ‘look up’ 33 degrees above horizontal, has an optional wiper and is more of an ‘overt’ product providing greater deterrence. It is also less susceptible to vibration than PTZ dome cameras. LJ-PT001 Series gives you the additional benefit of a camera module, providing added protection against dust particles and condensation.

Traffic monitoring
City center surveillance

IR High speed Integrated Positioning system

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  • Integrated PTZ with pressurized camera LJ-PT001 Series

    Integrated PTZ with pressurized camera LJ-PT001 Series

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  • Long Range Integrated PTZ Position System with infrared LJ-PT001-IR200M

    Long Range Integrated P/T/Z Position System with infrared LJ-PT001-IR100M

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