Auto Tracking Speed Dome Cameras

Auto Tracking Speed Dome Cameras

Auto tracking PTZ camera is an innovation of CCTV camera with our motion tracking technology.

With the video analysis and recognition, the auto tracking PTZ cameras can automatically lock and track a moving object and thus to realize full-time unattended surveillance.

The auto tracking PTZ camera also has functions like alarm tracking, auto return to preset, multi-preset localization, memory and auto cruise. It can realize full smart surveillance.

Auto Tracking PTZ are pan tilt zoom cameras that follow moving objects or humans. PTZ camera can be easily programmed to set bouandries, size of objects to track, how many times to zoom in on object and more. With pan, tilt, and zoom features, these cameras allows you to focus in and track subjects for video security surveillance.

Auto tracking PTZ dome cameras are unique to Global cctv security Co.,Limited. Their main advantage over any other PTZ dome camera is their intelligence in that they can operate by themselves and actually track a person or vehicle within its field of view. Like the normal PTZ dome camera it can be operated manually with a joystick, however the powerful tracking feature enables the camera to track a person by following them wherever they go and zooming in close as they get further away from the camera or zooming out as they come closer. This is the best camera available to provide that all important evidence image footage.

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